Getting started

  • If I have questions, what should I do?

ANSWER: Contact us via email or call 08099414375

  • What is TransitNetwork?

ANSWER: Third party booking platform for all means of transportation nationwide

  • How can I find time schedules?

ANSWER: Click on train schedules to see full list of arrival and departure time

  • Who Can use TransitNetwork?

 ANSWER: Students, Business persons, Families and Tourists virtually everyone above 18years old.

Discovering TransitNetwork

  • Do I need to register in the website to purchase tickets?

ANSWER: No, you can buy tickets as a guest.

About the schedules  

  • What is a maximum booking time?

ANSWER: You can book tickets 1 month ahead of departure time.

  • What does verification mean?

ANSWER: We are highly concern about security and as such there is a verification process that requires valid means of identification.

  • What does the cancellation and rescheduling mean?


ANSWER: This is a case where tickets purchased are cancelled and rescheduled due to late purchase always ensure to buy train tickets 30 minutes ahead of listed departure time to avoid such issues.    




  • My payment is being processed. Now what?

ANSWER: You will receive a code which you are to provide to ticket agent to get your physical ticket.

  • I don't have a credit card. How can I pay?

ANSWER: Via your bank account number.

  • In what situations am I refunded?

ANSWER: None, we will only reschedule your departure time or date.

  • Do you provide invoices?

ANSWER: Yes, we provide digital invoices upon successful completion of ticket purchase process.

  • To whom should I pay cash to?

ANSWER: No one, you will never be requested to pay cash to any one all payments are to be completed online.


Getting started

  • Why TransitNetwork?

ANSWER: Because we are an innovative online third party booking platform for all means of transportation nationwide booking platform. we save you the hassle of queuing to purchase tickets or the troubles of purchasing tickets at inflated rates.


  • Who can access my personal details?

ANSWER: No one is allowed to access your personal details read privacy policy.